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⚔️ Dungeon23 - Bandit Lair

Level 14 - Bandits Lair

Created using Watabou's Cave/Glade generator

Approx 18 miles to the north of the blighted village of Mistreach the forest slowly gives way to rolling hills covered in broken stones and treacherous deadfalls, as one continues travelling mountains rise to the east and west, encasing the hills like a giant's fist.

A small group of bandits have made their lair in a cavern system within the hills, originally they preyed on trading caravans running between the Dwarfhold to the north (to be detailed in a future post) and the village of Mistreach. A number of attempts were made by the Mistreach constabulary to bring them to justice but the bandit's knew the hills too well and were mostly able to evade capture.

Recently the sporadic patrols of the hills by Mistreach's finest ceased, at first the bandits were grateful, but then they began to encounter strange creatures that were once villagers roaming the forest and then now find themselves trapped in their caves by a horde of the creatures.

Location of the Bandit Lair


Map of the Lair


Wandering Monsters

Roll 1D6 every other turn, there is a 1-in-6 chance of an encounter. Encounter distance, etc should be determine as normal using your system of preference.

1D6 roll Encounter
1 1D3 Fungus creatures.
2 3D6 Giant Rats.
3 1D8 Bandits
4 1D4 Normal Humans (originally prisoners taken by the bandits, but now no-one has the time to guard them).
5 1D8 Bandits.
6 1D3 Fungus creatures.

Fungus Creatures Shambling mounds of mold and mushrooms around a spongy, damp skeleton.

AC 8 [11], HD 2 (9 hp), Att 1d6, THAC0 18 [+1], MV 60' (20'), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (1), ML 12, AL C, XP 35

  • Guardians: Always attack on sight.
  • Initiative: Always lose (no roll).
  • Immunity: Unharmed by all attacks but fire (a burning torch does 1d4 damage).
  • Repelled by alcohol: Although not harmed by it, the creatures can be warded off by the smell or touch of strong spirits.
  • Spore cloud: 50% chance of releasing spores if touched (or damaged): releases a cloud of spores affecting all within a 10’ cube area.
  • Choking: Save versus death or die within 6 rounds.
  • Erosion: Wood or leather in contact with the mould will be eaten away.

Giant Rats Giant Rats are 3’ long (or larger), with black or grey fur. Often live in dark, dungeon areas and close to undead monsters.

AC 7 [12], HD 1/2 (2 hp), Att 1 x bite (1d3 + disease), THAC0 19 [0], MV 120' (40')/60' (20') swimming, SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (1), ML 8, AL N, XP 5

  • Disease: Bite has a 1-in-20 chance of infecting the target (save versus poison). The disease has a 1-in-4 chance of being deadly (die in 1d6 days). Otherwise, the victim is sick and bedridden for one month.
  • Afraid of fire: Will flee fire, unless forced to fight by summoner.
  • Attacking in water: May attack without penalty; excellent swimmers.

Bandits NPC thieves who live by robbery.

AC 6 [13], HD 1 (4 hp), Att 1 x weapon (1d6), THAC0 19 [0], MV 120' (40'), SV D13 W14 P13 B16 S15 (Thief 1), ML 8, AL N, XP 10

  • Trickery: Use disguise or trickery to surprise victims.
  • Leader: May have a leader of 2nd level or higher (any human class).

Location 1 - Besieged Entrance

Winded narrow passage (serves as the entrance, moaning and shouting can be heard coming from the far end). Water dripping from ceiling (as recent rains have flooded the cave system partially).

Shambling Horde

On their last raid a small party of the bandits was followed by a shambling horde of the fungus infested villagers (along with some adventurers and other people who have become infected), they now find themselves trapped in their lair.

Whilst the majority of the horde is in Area 2 the tail end of the group in here, pushed slowly forwards through the passageway connecting this location to Area 2 and filling in the gaps as their fellows are slain by the increasingly desperate bandits.

There are 8 fungus creatures here (stats given above).

Location 2 - Partially Flooded Barricade

Flickering, dim light (rom some torches the bandits have jammed into crevices in the rocks). Smell of damp and rot (both from the flooding and the shambling fungus creatures). Improvised barricade (made from half-rotten wood, barrels and other scrounged up materials). Cries and moans (shouts from the desperate bandits almost drowned out by the pitiful, wet moaning of the fungus creatures.)

The Barricade

At the southern exit from this cave the bandits are making a desperate last stand against the encroaching horde, they have piled up broken furniture, chests and stolen merchandise to form a make-shift barrier and the tired, terrified bandits are now fighting a losing battle against the encroaching horder.

There are 10 or so fungus creatures against the barricade trying clumsily to break through it, whilst a similar number of bandits (stats above) are manning it.

Running the Barricade Battle

Of course you can run the barricade battle as a full combat, rolling for the bandits and the fungus creatures in turn if that is your preference; if you want something slightly simple I would suggest just rolling a D6 for both sides each round.

If the dice for the fungus creatures comes up as a 1 then one of the creatures is killed (this is in addition to any the PCs slay).

If the bandit dice comes up a 1 or 2 then a bandit is killed.

If you roll two 1s in a row for the bandits then their nerve breaks and they abandon the barricade, fleeing back into the caves with the fungus creatures swarming over and past the barricade.

Location 3 - Prisoner Quarters

Flooded entrance (the passage leading into this area is waist deep in water). Raised area (the western portion of the cave rised up out of the water).

This cave was used to house prisoners under guard, but given the current situation, all of the bandits have been pulled away to man the barricade leaving only a few bewildered ex-prisoners on the small island of non-flooded ground. They considered fleeing but--having seen the fungus creatures tearing down the bandits--they know that they have no-where to run.

Audegar (Merchant) A merchant travelling through the mountain pass to the north, his wagon was attacked by the bandits with most of his people being killed. He is now trapped with two of the other surviving members of the ill-fated expedition, desperately looking for a way out of this nightmare.

AC 5 [14], HD 1 (4 hp), Att 1 x weapon (1d6), THAC0 19 [0], MV 90' (30'), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (1), ML 8, AL N, XP 10

Audegar managed to swallow 5 small gems when his wagon was attacked, although unpleasant, if retrieved they are worth a combined total of 750GP.

Audegar knows that he was carrying a Helmet of Teleportation to a client and that it lies under the water in Area 6, although too afraid to try and retrieve himself, if he believes that the PCs will save them he will try to bargain by offering to let them keep the helmet.

Samuel & Samantha (Baggage-handlers) Two survivors of Audegar's trade expedition, use Normal Human stats for them.

Location 4 - Flooded Bandit Living Quarters

Mostly flooded (there is only a small area above water). Waist-deep water (that becomes deeper nearer to the Northwest walls and shallower towards Area 2)

Second line of defence

6 bandits (stats above) are hastily trying to build a second barricade here with materials they are bringing in from Area 5 to the East, they are being supervised by their leader Roran Darkwind (stats below).

Roran Barkwind (Bandit Leader) Level 2 Fighter (NPC)

Armour Class 6 [13] (leather armour + shield) Hit Points 11 Attacks 1 × mace (1d6) THAC0 19 [0] Movement Rate 90' (30') Saves D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 Alignment Chaotic STR 13 INT 18 WIS 11 DEX 12 CON 13 CHA 11


  • Mace +1 (+3 vs Undead)
  • Cloak of Water-breathing (allows wearer to breathe underwater)

Roran is a self-serving man who would abandon the other bandits in a heartbeat if he thought it mean't saved himself; indeed he tried to do so when they were first attacked, using a flood, hidden tunnel in Area 7 but discovered that it was already crowded with fungus zombies.

He may negotiate with the PCs to get out of his current situation but--as soon as the danger is passed--he will either turn on them or abandon the party.

Location 5 - Partially Flooded Armoury

Sporadic skirmished (between bandits and zombies coming out of the water from Area 6). Rubbish strewn (remnants of smashed containers and spilled contents used to build the barricades).

They're in the water!!!

There are 8 bandits stationed along the water-line in this chamber, each turn there is a 2-in-6 chance that D3 fungus creatures will emerge from the water and engage them.

Abandoned Treasure

Some of the recently stolen loot of the bandits lies in this cave, now forgotten amidst their struggle to survive.

Location 6 - Flooded Loot Cave

Neck-deep in water (recent rains have almost entirely flooded this cave).

During the recent heavy rains this cave was more badly flooded than most, it had been where the bandits stored the mahority of their loot; they were about to start ferrying out of the water when the attack on their lair began. The loot has been abandoned in favour of survival and it now lies at the bottom of the cave below the cold murky water.

Submerged loot

If the PCs can hold their breath long enough and search the murky water that can find the following:

Location 7 - Small Flooded Cave

Under-water (this cave is entirely underwater requiring people in it to hold their breath or risk drowning). Concealed tunnel (in the roof of this cave is a tunnel that leads to a small pond outside).

The fungus creatures have discovered the pond and--undeterred by breathing difficulties--are slowly crowded through the underwater passage into the bandit lair.

There are 1D6 fungus creatures (stats above) in this cave.

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