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💦 Dungeon23 - The Underground River

Level 4 - The Underground River

Created using Dungeonscrawl

I also used tje following name generator to create the names for the two Elven warriors.

To the west of the Mushroom Grotto the sounds of rushing water intensify, growing louder until the area opens up into a large underground channel through which rushes a fast flowing river, churning over rocks and foaming around outcroppings.

Blue arrows on the river indicate the direction of flow.

Anyone falling into the river will be swept 1d10+5 feet in the direction of the flow and will have to make rolls to avoid drowning.


Wandering Monsters

There are no wandering monsters by default in this section although of course the GM is free to add them in as they see fit.

There are a number of small wooden boats available to navigate the river, when pushed out onto the river the boat will immediately be swept 1d10+5 feet in the direction of the river's flow.

If the PCs are rowing against the flow they can reduce this distance by 1D6 + the highest strength modifier of one of the rowers, if they are rowing with the river then their movement increases by a like amount.

If the PCs wish to row over to a siding they must make a strength check to steer their boat to the relevant place.

Each turn the PCs are in a boat travelling down the river the GM should roll a D6, on a 1 their craft hits a rock and each PC in the boat must make a strength check to avoid being thrown out.

Location 1 - Small Cavern

Small natural cavern (empty).


  • South: A natural passageways breaks into two, heading west towards area 2 and east to the Mushroom Grotto.

Location 2 - Side Chamber

Filled with broken boulders (that have been dislodged from the walls over time).

There is a crude wooden boat (of goblin make) here that can fit five people at a push, it has a couple of wooden oars lying in the boat along with the damp, soggy remains of some rations (now inedible).

  • East: An ungerground passageway leading to area 1 and the Mushroom Grotto.
  • South: A winding passageway through which the loud sound of rushing water can be heard, it leads to the river.

Location 3 - Goblin Larder

Filth encrusted (with the remnants of goblin meals and various bits of junk they have acquire as "treasure"). Smells horrible (due to the profusion of rotting food).


  • West: A small passage leading the Goblin Outpost in Area 4.
  • East: Leading to the Goblin Tunnels map.

Location 4 - Goblin Outpost

Infested with goblins (belonging to the mushroom adled Fire Tribe who live in the tunnels to the east). Two wooden boats (that the goblins use to navigate the river, they are functionally identical to the boat in area 2.)

This is an outpost of the goblin Fire Tribe who live to the east, their shamen make strange hallucinogenic concoctions for their warriors from various fungi and moss, being largely immune to the infection that plagues Mistreach they see it as a sign for them to finally strike against their enemies the Elves to the west.

The goblins worship a strange entity that inhabits the dark lake.

There is a lookout at the base of the tunnel, if he spots the PCs using a boat to move downriver, then two boats of goblins will give chase.

8 x Fire Tribe Goblins AC 6 [13], HD 1-1 (3 hp), Att 1 x weapon (1d6), THAC0 19 [0], MV 60' (20'), SV D14 W15 P16 B17 S18 (NH), ML 7, AL C, XP 5

The goblins are armed with short swords and short bows.

  • Infravision: 90’.
  • Hate the sun: -1 to-hit in full daylight.
  • Hate dwarves: Attack on sight.

Between them the goblins have 9 electrum pieces that they stole from a murdered Elven scout.

Location 5 - Split in the River

Here the river splits in two, the southern branch seeming to plunge deeper underground, eventually terminating in a dark lake where the entity worshipped as a god by the Fire Tribe Goblins dwells.

The northern branch continues towards an Elven enclave that has been set up to fight the goblins and the fungal infections.

Upon reaching the fork in the river there is a 50/50 chance of which fork the PCs boat will be swept towards, if they wish to alter their course then the person with the highest Strength modifier must make a strength check to steer them.

Location 6 - Goblin Archers

In this small cavern lies a wooden boat, some of the Fire Tribe Goblins rowed here to stop and rest before continuing their journey to the dark lake. If the PCs travel past here in boat the goblins will fire at them with their shortbows.

6 x Fire Tribe Goblins AC 6 [13], HD 1-1 (3 hp), Att 1 x weapon (1d6), THAC0 19 [0], MV 60' (20'), SV D14 W15 P16 B17 S18 (NH), ML 7, AL C, XP 5

The goblins are armed with short swords and short bows.

  • Infravision: 90’.
  • Hate the sun: -1 to-hit in full daylight.
  • Hate dwarves: Attack on sight.

Between them the goblins has 6 electrum pieces.

Location 7 - Elven Encampment

A small group of Elves from Caelcalen have established a bulkhead here, hoping to probe further into Mistreach to determine the source of the strange goings-on there, however they have encountered resistance from the Fire Tribe Goblins and retreated here after their leader was killed to dress their wounds and recuperate.

2 x Caelcalen Elven Warriors (Estelar and Lithelon) AC 5 [14], HD 1+1 (5 hp), Att 1 x weapon (1d8), THAC0 18 [+1], MV 120' (40'), SV D12 W13 P13 B15 S15 (Elf 1), ML 8, AL N, XP 19

The Elves are armed with short swords and short bows. They have four gems between them worth a total of 200GP

The Elves also have the following magical items:

  • A silver dagger +1 known foe-slicer wielded by Lithelon, it is incredibly sharp and causes air to ripple around the blade when swung.
  • A potion of ESP and Gaseous Form.

Spells: Each individual has one random 1st level arcane spell.

Enchanted Elven Boat

The two Elves are making use of an immaculately carved wooden boat decorated with wave and leaf motifs, it has been enchanted with elven magic so that it can move at normal speed even against the flow of a river.

If the PCs can persuade the Elves that they are allies this could be extremely useful.

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