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🗺️ Dungeon23 - Overland Map

Overland Map

Created using Hex Kit

For this Dungeon23 post I'm revealing what I envision as the overland map linking together the previous locations, the map is divided into 6-mile hexes with each hex coloured to show specific terrain.

Hex Colour Terrain Type
Dark Green Forest
Light Green Grassland
Light Brown Hills
Dark Brown Mountains


The locations that are partially above ground are noted on the map:

My plan is to include an updated version of this map for future locations that are above ground so their relative positioning can be seen.

Wandering Monsters

Wandering monster charts are provided below for the four different types of terrain featured in this map and an additional chart for if the heroes are in a hex that the Rolling River winds through.

Stats are not provided for all the creatures below, please use the stats from your preferred game.


1D6 roll Encounter
1 3D10 Herd animals
2 1D6 Boar
3 2D4 Wolves
4 1D4+4 Adventurers
5 1D8 Elves
6 1D3 Giant Spiders


1D6 roll Encounter
1 1D6 Boar
2 1D6 Horses
3 1D8 Bandits
4 1D12+4 Normal Humans
5 2D4 Goblins
6 2D4 Wolves


1D6 roll Encounter
1 1D4+4 Adventurers
2 2D4 Wolves
3 1D6 Dwarves
4 1D8 Bandits
5 1D8 Trolls
6 1D2 Cave Bears


1D6 roll Encounter
1 1D2 Cave Bears
2 1D6 Dwarves
3 1D4+4 Adventurers
4 1D4 Mountain Lions
5 1D3 Hawks
6 1D4 Hill Giants

Rolling River

1D6 roll Encounter
1 1D6 Boar
2 1D2 Giant Freshwater Crab
3 3D6 Giant Rats
4 1D4 Giant Toads
5 1D6 Elves
6 1D4 Giant Leeches

Chance of Infection

Given the fungal infection that is steadily spreading outwards from the blighted Hamlet of Mistreach and other infection area (to be detailed in future posts) there is a chance when rolling on the random monster charts that the creatures encountered will have already been infected.

Infection sites are outlined on the map in red.

This chance depends on how far away from an infection site the PCs are when the roll is made.

Distance from nearest infection site Chance of infection
1 Hex 4-in-6
2 Hexes 2-in-6
3 Hexes 1-in-6
Over 3 Hexes No chance of infection

If a random encounter is infected then apply the following additional effects to the creatures encountered:

  • Guardians: Always attack on sight.
  • Initiative: Always lose (no roll).
  • Immunity: Unharmed by all attacks but fire (a burning torch does 1d4 damage).
  • Repelled by alcohol: Although not harmed by it, the creatures can be warded off by the smell or touch of strong spirits.
  • Spore cloud: 50% chance of releasing spores if touched (or damaged): releases a cloud of spores affecting all within a 10’ cube area.
  • Choking: Save versus death or die within 6 rounds.
  • Erosion: Wood or leather in contact with the mould will be eaten away.

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